“an amazing transistion”

The artist a disabled American Veteran lost his drawing hand from a mortar explosion in 1966 at age 23 while serving with the Army National Guard.

His passion for art drove him to teach himself to draw with his other hand. As time went on “an amazing transition” began to take place. Astoundingly and suddenly his artistic ability returned and better than ever.


As far back as he can remember Rit had an affection for art. He dabbled in all kinds of things but what he liked most was drawing. By the time he grew up his passion was drawing with pen and ink. It was demanding and unforgiving but most rewarding. A career as an artist was in his plans. First graduate high school, complete college and see where life takes you. It was an exciting time.

Rit can testify that with any plan things can change in a heart beat. In October of 1966 Rit’s life changed forever. While on military maneuvers with the Army National Guard Rit was severely wounded by a mortar explosion resulting in the loss of his right hand and sight of his right eye. Tragically his artistic ability was also gone.

Life goes on, Rit set new goals and started a new plan. In short, heal, rehabilitate and learn new skills. Rit was doing well and enjoying life again but there was an emptiness that went deep. He accepted his physical restrictions but had trouble coping with never being able to draw again. Every now and then Rit would grab a pencil and tried to draw. With every attempt he came away feeling disappointed and defeated. Not giving up he continued to try. About a year went by when he found that doodling simple things was somehow satisfying. A few months of doodling passed when suddenly something clicked in him, like a spark of energy. His hand and eye coordination were one and he just knew that he would draw again. According to Rit, within a few weeks his ability to draw returned and amazingly his drawing was better than it ever was. Rit admits that it’s hard to believe.

The lesson. Don’t give up, follow your dreams, and believe in Miracles.

Printing and Matting, etc.

Rit’s goal was to produce a quality work of art that would honor and pay tribute to our veterans, past and present, and all men and woman in uniform serving our country. A product had to not only stand tall but be affordable and unique.

Each emblem art print becomes a personalized certificate commemorating yourself or that special person you want to recognize, honor and thank for service to country and community.

At a minimum, each Art Print can display a name, rank, and dates of service.

Each Emblem art print measures 8.5 x 11 and comes printed on quality paper stock for lasting durability. The art print’s unique design requires no matting. Matting can be very costly. To keep cost down but maintain a unique, uniform and enhancing product Rit incorporated what he refers to as “Printed on Matting”.

Note: No frames or framing are included with the art prints. 

The most important feature of the printed on matting design is the Banner it creates below the emblem drawing.. On the banner is where the name, rank and dates of service of the Military, Fire Fighter and Law Enforcement person, past or present, you want to remember, recognize and honor will be printed.

The emblem art prints offered on this site are hand drawings created by the artist to remember and honor you and all those that served or serving country and community. These prints are artistic renderings explicitly intended for personal use only.